Bailee Madison on Ft. Lauderdale vs. L.A. vs. Toronto

 Courtesy Bailee Madison

Courtesy Bailee Madison


The biggest differences between all of the cities I frequent are the kind of memories that are created in each place, and the people I get to create those memories with.

They all hold a very special place in my heart. Florida is my hometown. Toronto is where I spend so much time filming and working. LA is where I've learned to fall in love with certain people and things.  

If I had to pick a favorite, L.A. and Florida are a tie because that's where my family is!

Bailee Madison Ft. Lauderdale hometown.png

Ft. Lauderdale

Favorite part? My childhood home and being so close to the beach. Favorite place to hang out? I'm a five minute walk from the beach. There's nothing saltwater and sun can't fix! Best memory? So many memories. This is the place I learned to take my first steps, and the place I continue to go back to year after year. 

Bailee Madison on living in LA Nowadays

Oooohhh, L.A. 

Favorite part? My home! My friends! My family! The weather! My dog! Ugh, all of it?! Least favorite part? There's no such thing. Favorite place to hang out? My house! Or a cafe near my house. Or a theme park. That seems to be an on-going theme for dates for Alex and I. LOL. Best memory? There's so many. Being outdoors. Sunsets with amazing friends. I would never be able to decide. 

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Favorite part? Whenever I'm here, it means I'm working and I LOVE filming! Least favorite part? I can get a bit homesick since I'm away from family, but I still love every second. Favorite place to hangout? My apartment...again, I'm a homebody! Although there's this amazing Italian place I go to near my apartment! Best memory? Walking to dinner after work with my mom. We tend to film Good Witch during the holiday season so I love strolling through the town with mom and look at all the lights.

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